So I've felt completely severed from the world because since Thursday, the internet in our apartment has been out. You don't realize how depedent you are on the internet until it's not available anymore. There were multiple times over the weekend when I just wanted to look something up quickly and couldn't, plus I had some homework and articles that required the use of the World Wide Web. Our internet still isn't fixed (and who knows why the internet company is taking so dang long to fix the internet for an entire building . . .), but I'm able to get on the internet at work and on campus, so that's nice. In one way, it's nice to not be able to get on the internet because then I can't waste time on facebook, but seriously, I need the internet for so many things. Good grief.

So anyway, I had a really good weekend! On Friday I skipped Physical Science lecture and went shopping at the mall instead. :) After our shopping excursion, Katelyn and I indulged in a couple of Gilmore Girls episodes, and then I hiked up by the temple to my friend Brooke's house for a 24 Friday marathon. We've been doing this for a couple of months now and it's such a great way to kick off a weekend. She lives in a house owned by her roommate's parents and it's really nice, and so we have 24 marathons where we watch an entire disc of 24 complete with pizza and other TV junkie treats. Sometimes we do it Friday afternoon, sometimes Friday night, but always on Fridays (unless one of us is out of town or something) and always a whole disc. It's just great. So, we did that Friday afternoon/evening, and then I went on a date with my pal Brennen. We went to Divine Comedy (a BYU comedy show), Pudding on the Rice (not my fave), and then back to my apartment where we watched Ocean's 11 with Katelyn and her man-friend Matt.

Saturday, though, was great! I woke up and headed up to campus late morning to do some homework and practice my violin. After I got back, Katelyn and I went grocery shopping, and then spent some more time watching Gilmore Girls. I did a little bit of homework later and then I had date with this guy Josh. I met him at a dessert night last month hosted by a mutual friend; at the dessert night we had lots of fun talking and he ended up asking me for my number. After 3 weeks (yes 3 weeks), he finally called and we went out on Saturday. It was so much fun! We went to Subzero for ice cream, I Am Legend at the dollar theater, back to his apartment for an episode of The Office, and then over to my apartment where we ate cupcakes and watched About a Boy with Katelyn and man-friend Matt. I had a blast and I'm thinking there will be a second date. It's fun to go on a date with someone you're actually interested in instead of on a blind date or with a friend.

Now it's Tuesday and I can hardly believe it, but Elder Scott came and gave the devotional on campus today, and it was really good. It was all about making the Atonement your life's foundation and how an understanding of the Atonement can change everything for you and can make you the happiest. It was really inspiring and edifying and now I can't wait until conference in a few weeks! Tonight I need to get my ecclesiastical endorsement and then American Idol. Life isn't so incredibly exciting, but it's pretty good nonetheless! (And let's hope my internet will finally work).


michelle said...

Two dates in one weekend! Yeehaw! The second sounds especially good, I couldn't handle many blind dates. And if you were having enough fun together to watch two movies in one night and go all those different places, that's a good sign.

I'm just so glad you were only severed from the internet -- one of my piano students told me today that her son-in-law cut off his finger last night! Yowza!

Diana said...

Man it really sucks whne your internet is down.
Your weekend sounds fabulous.

Jill said...

I am always a bit lost when our internet goes down. I use it so many times a day it's ridiculous. It's hard to imagine life before it.

claire said...

If it makes you feel better, I only got to use the internet once a week for the last 17 months and then I could only go to two websites. :(
the cause was worth it though.

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