I just love Easter! Today has been a really great day and I've really felt the Spirit. Last week I bought this book at the Bookstore called The Infinite Atonement, and I was reading it more today. It is so good! Some favorite insights so far are:

"Like a skilled magician, Satan's every move is to divert our attention and dilute our focus from the primary object at hand, namely Christ's atoning sacrifice, in hopes we will turn exclusively to doctrines of secondary and far lesser import."

Quoting Elder McConkie: "The atonement of Christ is the most basic and fundamental doctrine of the gospel, and it is the least understood of all our revealed truths. Many of us have a superficial knowledge and rely upon the Lord and his goodness to see us through the trials and perils of life. But if we are to have faith like that of Enoch and Elijah, we must believe what they believed, know what they knew, and live as they lived."

Speaking of the incomprehensibility of the atonement: "Our inability to 'know it all,' however, does not absolve the need (nor should it diminish our desire) to know what is 'knowable.' Perhaps by so evaluating the knowable, we push and probe and occasionally penetrate the infinite."

And I'm only on page 24.

So basically, this book is amazing and I can't wait to make it through all 335 pages. I think that any time is an opportune time to reflect on and apply the atonement, but Easter is an especially special time for such thought. So, take time to think about Christ and the atonement, and have an excellent Easter!


Jill said...

I love it when I find myself marking all kind of passages in a book right from the start. This book sounds great.

I especially like the first quote you posted because it's so true. I'm so sick of my focus being diluted. My experience at church today rocked my world and I'm really hoping to change because of it.

Diana said...

I will have to check out that book.
Happy Easter.

michelle said...

This sounds really interesting, Charlotte. I definitely need to keep evaluating the knowable!

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