ready . . . break

study for big, scary Shakespeare test
study for not-so-big-and-scary editing test
do Wednesday's editing homework

study for big, scary Shakespeare test
take not-so-big-and-scary editing test
do Friday's editing homework to turn it in on Wednesday
vote for David Archuleta in the AI finals

take big, scary Shakespeare test
turn in the editing homework for the rest of the wek
turn in take-home portion of not-so-big-and-scary editing test
pack for HOME!!
RS presidency meeting at 9 p.m.

Thursday: HOME!!!!!!!



Denise said...

Can't wait! We prayed for you tonight in our family prayer that you would be able to get everything accomplished that you need to before coming home. Feel the power!

michelle said...

So are you going home for the summer? Good luck getting everything done! (I love that your mom said "feel the power!" -- how cute is that?)

Diana said...

I bet Thursday can't come soon enough. Enjoy your summer. Sorry we didn't see each other at all.
Go Archuleta!!!

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