I really am a college student--promise

Unbelievably, school registration for John and Sarah is already here, and today was the day. School registration is pretty boring, because you just have to stand in line for who knows how long while the school drains your bank account to pay for computer fees. Because of the boring nature of school registration, I told Mom I'd go with her to keep her company. Little did I realize that because I accompanied Mom to the high school, people would think that I was the high school freshman she was registering.

You've got to be kidding me.

I had to establish several times that no, I am not a high school freshman, but rather I'm a college junior and graduated from high school two years ago and was a high school freshman six or seven years ago. Good grief. I felt the overwhelming need to shout, "I really am a college student!!!!! I'm almost 21 years old!!!!!!!"

I'm glad I could offer my company to Mom so registration wouldn't be so boring, but good grief, I felt ridiculous.


Denise said...

The funniest part is when the financial lady wondered why the cost for Mens Choir was on your fee sheet. Thanks for keeping me company!

Diana said...

It's so fun to look young. I went to the doctor the other day and the nurse had to ask me if I wrote my birthday correctly, she couldn't believe I was 31 she thought I was maybe 19 or 20! Yipee, but more seriously what kind of girl would write the wrong date for her birthday let alone if I aged myself 10 years on purpose like she thought I did!

michelle said...

Too funny. We'll be doing that next week. Yay, lines! Yay, draining bank account!

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