how about I just quit life?

I wish I had Moosey here to be my buddy.

It's cloudy and rainy outside, I have a cold creeping up me, and I have no motivation. Solution? Let's just quit life, okay? By quit life, I don't mean actually terminating my life, but rather I just want to not address any of my responsibilities today. I wish that I could have just left work early, not gone to class, and spent the rest of the day watching Gilmore Girls in my pajamas.

But I went to work and went to class but am at least putting off homework until I finish this one episode of GG. Here's to an afternoon/evening/night full of researching, reading, and editing with a Frosty run thrown in there.

So I'm sickish, motivationless, unusually tired and can't quit life. I state again, I wish I had Moosey here to be my buddy.


Karen said...

I'm feeling the same way. I'm sorry buddy. We can make it!

Jill said...

I woke up (reluctantly) this morning and don't feel done sleeping. I do NOT want to get ready early this morning, but have a Presidency Meeting (ugh) at 9:15, it's snowing like crazy (what the?) and later have to drive Whitney to Salt Lake for her cousin's birthday party. I just want to lie in bed and read and sleep.

Diana said...

Must be in the air. I felt that way today. But alas life calls or at least do.
Can I do anything for you?
Do you still need to change the lights in your car? Lou would love to help.

Denise said...

Sorry, but I'm not going to ship Moosey over. She is a help when you're feeling blah, though! Hope you're on the mend soon and feeling more motivated. I keep telling myself, "The girls will be home in less than a month!"

michelle said...

I wish I had Moosey to be my buddy, too! Best dog ever. (Did you see on Jessie's blog that Bella wants to send your mom a new dog and reclaim Moosey for herself? Your mom, John, and Sarah were all vehemently denying that possibility!)

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