ultimate daddy-daughter date

Dad and Sarah coming out to Utah for the weekend was just what I needed. They came in Friday night (Emily and I ran out to meet them, and I actually cried when I got to hug Dad), and while Dad crashed at the hotel, Emily, Sarah, and I watched the Mary-Kate-and-Ashley movie "Billboard Dad" (the ones when MK&A are younger aren't nearly as mockable as the movies where MK&A are older, e.g. "The Holiday" and "Winning London").

Saturday I met Dad for breakfast at Einstein's Bagels (Sarah spent the night in Emily's dorm, and they ate breakfast at the Cannon Center), and then we all headed up to Thanksgiving Point for the clogging competition. Her competition took place in the "Show Barn," and Emily headed up the entourage by helping Sarah change from one costume to another. (Sarah gets pretty focused when she's nervous for competition. . . .)

Sarah's team performed two numbers, and before the team numbers, there were all of these solo numbers (the free style and the all-around solos). For both of the solo sections, they played the same obnoxious music for about half an hour. Sample below :


We were at the Show Barn until about 4:00 or 4:30 (Katelyn joined us for the first little bit), and we were definitely ready to leave. You can take only so much of the Show Barn.

After we left the competition, we went out to dinner at the Brick Oven, and we wanted to go to the basketball game (the last of the season), but all the tickets were sold. So we ended up going back to Dad's hotel room and watching the game there. We ate Oreos, cheered the Cougars, and played a game of electronic Life. (And while we played Life, we watched "Sky High" on the Disney Channel.)

It was an incredible Saturday. I got to spend time with my family, completely escape the daily grind, and recharge for the almost-last push of the semester. It was a Saturday with both my sisters and my dad: the ultimate daddy-daughter date. I can't believe I didn't get a SP of all four of us, but in the picture below, know that Sarah was off practicing her clogging, and that's why she's not in the picture. For artistry's sake, she present by not being present. . . . Ha.

Now that I'm semi-recharged, it's back to real life, in which I know that I can find daily joys and miracles. Just because most of my family aren't around most of the time doesn't mean that I can't be happy where I am. Sometimes I forget that, and I'm glad that spending time with my family helps remind me that I can always find joy through the gospel and Jesus Christ--what a blessing to have a family (both immediate and extended) that draws me closer to Christ.


michelle said...

How fun that your dad got to spend the weekend with all three of his daughters! I couldn't get the video to work, but I'm taking word for it that you can only take so much of the show barn... You all look so happy together.

Denise said...

I love that you documented your time together! I'm still feeling rather sad and left out because I couldn't be there, too. Aren't we lucky that we enjoy being together so much?

"You can only take so much of the Show Barn." Too funny. I think you secretly wanted one of those clogging shirts.

I'm hoping to be blogging regularly again soon! This afternoon Teri and I got the costumes sorted and Thursday we're taking back the rented stuff. This show has been much easier to dismantle than previous years'. Oh--and I did spend my half-hour at home between work and costumes to start picking up my sewing area (a.k.a. on my hands and knees picking up threads and scraps out of the carpet). Baby steps!

Jill said...

I'm so glad the weekend of togetherness ended up being exactly what you needed!

Susan said...

Sounds like you got the needed boost that you needed for the final stretch!

Cute photos of you and Emily and your Dad! You do like each other, totally apparent! Keep this moment close to your heart and endure to the end.....it's not far off now.

Diana said...

Your Dad is so cute.
I love how much your family loves each other and how close you are to each other.

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