just a Wednesday

  • Yesterday I played the Office Trivia Game with some friends and performed poorly. I never thought that my Office knowledge would fail me so miserably.
  • I loved the weather today.
  • My internship with the Maxwell Institute ends at the end of the semester, and they're trying to find a new intern for the spring/summer and for the fall/winter. It's weird knowing there will be someone else there doing your job.
  • I've decided that I really like March. It's off my least-favorite-months list.
  • I'm still tired but have accepted it.
  • I'm taking an accelerated Photoshop class on Saturday and next Wednesday.
  • I'm almost caught up on "Chuck."
  • I found an apartment full of guys who are hardcore "24" fans. I have a new hangout for Monday nights.
It's just a Wednesday.


Denise said...

I already like March.

I'm almost caught up on Chuck and plan to finish tonight.

I, too, am really tired and am working on accepting it.

I am astounded that you didn't ace the Office Trivia game!

Susan said...

I love March too! (Except maybe this March, when I turn 60!)

I'm always tired and think maybe I can't continue to accept it! I used to be able to deal with it, but just lately I just melt after a certain hour. When did that start happening??

I have some serious photos that you practice on in your new class!!

michelle said...

I've always loved March!

I've only seen the first 4 episodes of Chuck, I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Diana said...

March is a great month. But I am bias since its my birthday month :)
Wow whats better than an apartment full of boys who love your show.

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