we got the best of both worlds

I feel so behind on blogging, but oh well. I'll catch up as best I can.

(This photo was snapped while waiting at a stoplight on our hurried way to the theater--my SP skills are improving.)

Last Thursday was awesome. Emily and I persuaded Mom to take Sarah out of school over an hour early to go to the Hannah Montana movie. Yes, that was my second time seeing it, and I loved it just as much as the first time. It was a total surprise to Sarah, so after Em and I helped Mom put up decorations at the stake teacher appreciation night, we zipped on over to the elementary school and snatched Sarah out of school right before a fire drill.

I was the only one in the group who had already seen it, so armed with cash from Mom, I jetted over to Target and bought movie treats: 3 bottles of Coke Zero, 1 of Sprite, 1 box each of Reeses Pieces, Milk Duds, and Junior Mints. (It was quite a feat fitting that into Emily's purse.)

We were the only ones in the theater, and we used that to our advantage: we sang along and danced to several of the songs. We felt pretty cool.

An afternoon with just the girls--awesome.

Do I have a job yet? Nope. But at least I've seen the Hannah Montana movie twice now. It's pretty amazing to be home.


Denise said...

It's pretty amazing to have you home! And you were right about the Hannah Montana movie--it actually was really good!

michelle said...

How fun to be home and enjoying spur-of-the-moment matinees! It looks like Emily should have brought her aqua purse that day -- I know from my own experience that that purse can hold a TON of contraband.

Diana said...

wow that sounds awesome How fun!

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