counting down the hours

On Tuesday I got a phone call from the temp agency offering me a three-day temp job with Coleman Natural Foods. I quickly accepted and have been working as the fill-in receptionist since Wednesday; the real receptionist is just out of town, so this won't turn into anything long-term, but I'll take three days of employment over zero.

The downside to this is that I just have to semi-pretend that I know what I'm doing for three days instead of psyching myself up for a whole summer at Coleman Foods. The days seem longer and the clock definitely slower. There are several duties that the real receptionist has that I don't have to worry about simply because I'm here for only three days. Facebook and Pandora are both blocked, so I sit here willing myself not to look at the clock and answering periodic phone calls (most of which being sales calls, which either irritate me or make me feel sad for the sales people).

I think I can get away with a bit of reading. (Tess is coming along quite nicely, by the way.) And of course, I've been blogging. *Sanity saver* And blog stalking, obviously. Yesterday I was given a project that filled up several hours; plus with said project, I got to go through the corporate benefits guide and edit it. Oh the joys that lowercasing brings!

What will make today a long day, however, is not just the fact that it's Friday and my last day at this job, but immediately after work, I'm heading up Vail to spend a long weekend with my family, Susan and Fred, and Michelle & Co. Can't wait!! Seriously. Having this incentive at the end of my day makes sitting here doing not much of anything killer. I've been looking forward to this weekend for weeks, since before I finished the semester. Now it's here, I'm packed, my stuff is in the Corolla, and I'm counting the hours until I leave Coleman Natural Foods for good, grab a Big Gulp, and cruise on up the mountain to meet up with the rest of my family, who are going up mid-afternoonish. Seven and a half more hours. . . .

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michelle said...

Good thing you can blog! Sanity saver, obviously.

It was so so fun spending a few days with you all!!

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