I know, I know

Yeah, I moved back home two weeks ago . . . and just finished unpacking today. I know, I know. It just took a surprising amount of energy and discipline to unpack my clothes; everything else just had to wait two weeks. This was what my room exploded to this morning:

And after a couple of hours, the moving of a bookshelf from John's room, and a bit of dusting, I had this:

A room functional for summer. It only took me two weeks to do it. Don't judge.


Jill said...

That's the beauty of coming home for the summer, you can take as long as you want to unpack and get settled because you're home!

michelle said...

There is no time limit on unpacking -- that's probably why I dislike it so.

Love those wall sconces!

Diana said...

I love your room, how pretty!

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