Operation Superhuman Reader: Summer Book #1

At the beginning of winter semester, I started making a summer reading list. I want to read so many books, both classic and contemporary, and I can never remember everything that I've wanted to read (goodreads helps immensely with this dilemma). Throughout the semester, my summer reading list got longer and longer and longer, extending to almost fifty books. Fifty books in one summer?!?! That's inhuman. I've accepted that I won't be able to read them all this summer (especially since some of them are over a thousand pages), but I'm going to try to at least make some headway.

I started reading Tess of the d'Urbervilles after I finished my finals and have really liked it so far (I'm almsot 100 pages in), but when I got home, I found my fourth 44 Scotland Street book waiting for me (I bought it for Thanksgiving but then left it in our company's car, and they drove back to Texas, leaving me without my book--totally my fault). I restarted that book, The World According to Bertie, last Sunday and finished it this evening.

The World According to Bertie (44 Scotland Street, Book 4) The World According to Bertie by Alexander McCall Smith

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I love this series and thought this book fit in well with what I've come to know and love about 44 Scotland Street. I love the character development and being privy to their lives. The writing is engaging and witty. It's a quick and easy read but definitely well worth the time. I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

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I just posted this review from my goodreads review (it's so much easier that way). I would definitely recommend the 44 Scotland Street books to anyone looking for an easy, engaging, well-written, and witty read. This was one series that I just stumbled upon one day in the BYU Bookstore--I love it! It's definitely a favorite series.

Now I'm back to Tess--stay tuned on Operation Superhuman Reader. I'm interested to see how far I get this summer.


Petey said...

I believe in you! go charlotte, go charlotte!

Denise said...

If anyone can do it, you can!

Jill said...

50 books over the summer would be a HUGE accomplishment, but would mean that I spent way too much time lying on my bed reading. (I'm a slow reader and very prone to napping.)

michelle said...

I love Operation Superhuman Reader! I love Tess, and I'll be curious to see what you think. I am definitely going to read the 44 Scotland Street series.

Miranda said...

Okay, I'm way excited about this operation. I didn't know about it before I posted my summer-to-read list! I'm so excited I'm pretty sure it's lame.

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