early week musings

:: I'm afraid that because I don't have dedicated reading time each day I'm one book behind on reaching my yearly goal of 45 books (which I upped when I was several books ahead and when I planned on commuting everyday for forever). I would never ever ask for the commute back, so perhaps I'll have to set aside specific times for reading to catch up.

:: How is it that Steve Carel, while being nominated for an Emmy every year since being on The Office, never won? And now he's off the show and will never win an Emmy for the brilliantly comedic Michael Scott.

:: I'm in the process of building a website for a semi-secret project that I will hopefully reveal this week. The thing is that website-building is the worst, and I hate it.

:: I love my mornings now. I read my scriptures while eating breakfast, and I've really started to study and ponder them. I don't have a set time for how long or how much I read, so I read however long I feel like reading, and sometimes I switch it up with a General Conference talk or two.

:: With the first day of fall coming up this week, I plan on making pumpkin bread to inaugurate the season. I'm an autumn loyalist and hold zero qualms about summer's yearly exit.

:: All of my favorite shows (excepting Bones, which doesn't premier until November) premier their new seasons this week. I can't wait for new episodes of 30 Rock, The Office, and my newest favorite sitcom, Modern Family. I just love this time of year.


Denise said...

Bones--November?! Who said THAT was okay? Not me.

I'm making pumpkin bread this week, too!

Claire said...

Autumn is such a wonderful season! Enjoy your pumpkin bread!

michelle said...

I love Modern Family! And Parenthood, although that isn't really a comedy.

I love this time of year, too. The mornings are positively brisk now, it's fabulous! (The only thing I don't like is daylight savings. Why do they have to make it darker in the morning?)

I think I'll make pumpkin bread this week as well.

Laura said...

Sadly, 30 Rock doesn't start again until January because Tina Fey is pregnant.

Also, I love premiere week. So much.

Jessica said...

And no chocolate chips in your pumpkin bread! Hooray!

A Mitton said...

You know that Bones isn't a full season, right, because of Emily Deschanel's pregnancy?

I started reading the Book of Mormon on the way to work in the morning. Best decision I've ever made. It totally changes the tone for the day.

Love your favorite shows (SO excited to watch Modern Family tonight), but do you watch Psych? I feel like you would appreciate it. Netflix streamable.

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