my week in review

:: Monday we did nothing. And loved it. Oh wait, we hung out with our friends Craig, Shilah, and John. It was lovely.

:: I started a five-day temp job on Wednesday. It's in a much closer location, and parking is free. While it's a thoroughly boring job, my supervisor gave me express permission to do whatever I want to fill the time. Hello, Pinning, blog reading, and book reading.

:: This job is two minutes away from the temple, so one day for lunch I ate my sandwich on the temple grounds. It was lovely.

:: I finally got my birthday package from the family. We've had quite the postal service fiasco: They tried to deliver it, didn't get a signature, and took it back to the post office without leaving a message in my box telling me so. So for a week I've been bugging my complex office and the mailman trying to find my package when really it was at the post office the whole time. The package was worth the frustration, however; I'm talking wedding photo book, people. And a cake plate and dome.

:: I went to Joann's during my lunch today and bought six patterns on sale. (Here's the thing: You buy sewing patterns only when they're on sale. I'm talking $1-4 sale, here.) I found some pretty fabric for a good deal but the cutting line was so long I had to duck out before they called my number.

:: No joke, I started planning my Christmas gifts. I want to make some and buy some, and I want to start now so December doesn't catch me off guard. This is the first time I've had this much holiday foresight, and I'm hoping it sticks.

:: I'm ready to decorate for fall and Halloween, and I'm thrilled about it.

:: I have a few autumn clothes I'd like to sew, but we'll play it by ear. In my head, though, all my ideas turn out perfectly darling.


Denise said...

My ideas turn out perfectly in my head, too!

Jill said...

How awesome that you can read and blog and pin while at work!!! Getting paid to read blogs sounds good to me!

I want to see photos of the birthday loot!

A Mitton said...

I love figuring out Christmas gifts early. I'm not terribly good at it, though. My mom is great; she has most of her shopping done by the end of October.

michelle said...

You've gotta love a job where you can read or pin or blog!!

I am planning to start figure out Christmas gifts this week!

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