hello, September!

Part of me can't believe the summer months are over, and the other part of me is oh so ready for fall. I've felt nostalgia pull at my heartstrings a bit this week knowing that all my siblings are back in school, because I love back-to-school season. But just because I'm not in school anymore doesn't mean that I have to completely miss out on back-to-school-ness.

And what better way to celebrate back-to-school season than by swooning over these mugs (yes, the mugs) that Josh gave me for my birthday (with accompanying plates!).

Seriously, could there be a better way to brush up on usage and grammar?? 

Happy back-to-school week(s), everyone! I hope that you can enjoy it, even if you're like me and don't go to school anymore.

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A Mitton said...

Oh my gosh, WHERE did you get those?

I want I want I want.

Also, I've had the line, "It's the second September I have known you," from Slow Pony Home running through my head the last day. Well, either that or "Moves Like Jagger" that's on the radio ALL THE TIME. Kill me.

There was something else I wanted to tell you...oh yeah. I was so surprised that you hadn't ever seen The September Issue! Watch it on Netflix now. So fun. I want to be Anna Wintour.

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