no apologies, but maybe a little

I've been in a serious blogging funk, guys. I feel like since I've been reeling in redefining my work life I've completely lost my grasp on blogging. It's weird. And I don't like it. So I'm sorry.

This weekend we stole away to the coast for a couple days with Jeff and Karen. We ate crepes and M&Ms and read on the beach. We watched Stardust and played bocce ball. We drove down to Rockaway to see our friends who were also vacationing at the coast. And I didn't take a single picture. Part of me isn't sorry, because it's my blog, and if I don't want to take pictures I don't have to. But then, I am a little sorry, because I just want to find a new normal, and maybe taking pictures would help me get there.

If you want to know a little bit more about what my days have looked like, think Alias, laundry, InDesign, long lunches with an awesome friend, two movies in one day (like, movies-in-the-theater movies), and rock climbing again. Think lots of brainstorming for an income idea that could be bomb, an idea that I love and am simultaneously scared of. Think snuggling and finding new favorite TV shows.

Okay, here's a picture. I took it just now. We got home from the coast and needed brownies. So I made some.

I hope your long weekend (for those of you that have one) is lovely. I'm sure ours will be. And thanks for bearing with me while I work my way out of this funk. You're the best.


Jill said...

Oh dear, I've been wondering where you disappeared to! I thought you'd be giddy and blog-a-rific with all your goals and free time, but I know how life-limbo can drain all good feelings from a person. My advice is to fight the funk! You will eventually get a job and this "free" time will be undocumented and then you'll be sad. Just a thought. Good luck!

m.estelle said...

limbo is not my favorite. i've been in limbo for the past 2 months (minus a 4 day disney tour) and i'm OVER IT.
praying for you, praying for me.
love you so much!

Denise said...

Your weekend sounds quite fabulous. Mine was heavenly, in a stay-at-home-and-get-things-done sort of way. I even got my Fall decorations up! This is as early as I've done that in years.

Now if I could just work in blogging.

Susan said...

Have you watched Friday Night Lights? It's my new favorite TV show and it streams on Netflix. If you like Gilmore Girls you'll love FNL!

Susan@besusan.com said...

I'm thinking the down time sounds simply blissful. I'm not sure I could ever be bored. Not that you're bored! I get it, but just relax and enjoy the ride for now.

I'm way curious about your new idea. Hey, I saw an ad on Pinterest that they're hiring!! Perfect!! Check it out. Whoa. Dream job.

Sandy Cove said...

First off...that looks Yummy! I am so excited I found out your a blogger. I love having a good blog to follow. Hope life is treating you guys well. Maybe we will see eachother again sometime if this summer ever quites down.

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