fall sewing

For the record, this is the fourth post I've started today. The first three just weren't doing it for me.

I've been dreaming of sewing a few fall pieces for myself. Jewel tones have been flitting around my imagination, combined with visions of heavy fabric and pretty wool. (With that picture in mind, aren't you ready for fall too?) I was inspired a bit by the Fall Palette Challenge on one of my favorite sewing blogs, though I won't be posting on any of the forums.

Now, I'm thinking that these projects will very likely (read: most definitely) take all of the season for me to complete, if even I finish all of them. Regardless, here are the patterns I'm planning:

Simplicity 2758: I'd like to sew both the blouse with the ruffled three-quarter sleeve and the skirt with the pockets and large center pleat (versions B and E). I have some pretty ivory shirting for the blouse and the prettiest wool ever for the skirt. This light gray plaid wool was a splurge, and I'm head-over-heels in love with it.

Simplicity 3673: I'm thinking the full version of the jumper. For this one, I bought some beautiful gold fabric with a pretty drape.

And finally, Vogue 8511: Back in July I bought a few yards of precut charcoal wool for a screaming deal. I've been hoarding it for months trying to find the perfect pattern for it. I entertained McCall's 5927 (the short-sleeved, detailed neckline version) and McCall's 2401 (the square neck version) for a few weeks and just now settled on the Vogue style.

So, that's four pieces. Sometimes I hesitate in buying pretty fabric for pretty projects when I still feel like a sewing novice. Seriously, sometimes when I topstitch, the lines and curves aren't smooth, and my zippers still need so much work. Remember just a month ago when I sewed the zipper through the entire garment twice?? I do. But here's the thing, one of the few pieces of advice I can offer as novice seamstress: make things you like. Otherwise, you won't want to make anything ever.

Now I have to get to pattern trimming, people. I have lots to do. Obviously.

PS--Today is the 12th, so take out your cameras, even if half of your day is gone already! I know--it sneaked up on me too.


michelle said...

I love how ambitious you are! And now I want to check out that blog.

I totally forgot it was the 12th. And I've been cuddled up with a sick girl all day. rats.

Denise said...

I love the blogs you've linked to! Thanks. I also love that you picked the same dress I did for my reunion. And I also love that you love to sew. Obviously.

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