about that time

We had our friend Ian over for dinner and a game of Dominion, and he offered to bring dessert.

This isn't Ian. This is Josh. Obviously.

He reminded us that it's about that time, the time for Tim-Tam Slams.

This is Ian. He's Tim-Tam Slamming.

We agreed.


{Tim-Tam Slams}

Tim-Tams, a cookie often found at Target
hot chocolate

Take a Tim-Tam and take small bites out of opposite corners. Dip one corner into the hot chocolate and suck. As soon as you taste the hot chocolate, put the whole cookie into your mouth before it completely dissolves. There shouldn't be the slightest crunch. Allow the sugar rush to wash over you in chocolately, warm goodness. Repeat.

Oh, November, it's good to have you back. We'll have many more Tim-Tam Slam sessions, I can assure you.


michelle said...

Huh. I have never heard of this cold-weather ritual.

Joanna Galbraith said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm. I HAVE to do this.

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