Monday when I checked the mail, I found this waiting for me.

I was thrilled. I recently took the plunge and took out my own subscription to Cook's Illustrated, and I received this subscription bonus with serious excitement. See, here's the thing: I am devoted follower of the Test Kitchen. I don't have cable and so haven't actually ever watched America's Test Kitchen, but its companion publication, Cook's Illustrated, is everything I could hope for in a cooking magazine. Second only to my own family of cooks and bakers, Cook's Illustrated is my go-to cooking source.

And don't forget the recent gem I found, Baking Illustrated.

I bought this with birthday giftcard money, and I love it. It's my baking bible. It's these editors' job to experiment in the kitchen with things like leavening, eggs, milk-to-flour ratios, and mixing methods; their goal is to find the best, most reliable recipes. When it comes to my recent cake failures, this book is exactly what I've been looking for. I'm converted completely. I will actually hunker down on the couch expressly to read this book. No joke.

You will accurately surmise that much of the holiday baking that will be happening around here will be rooted in these publications--what else could you expect from a firm devotee? Also, please note that no part of this post was sponsored by the Test Kitchen or its affiliates, though if they happen to read this rave review I wouldn't say no to a lifetime Cook's Illustrated subscription, or better yet, a trip to the Test Kitchen in Boston.


michelle said...

Ooh! I want those, too! I love reading cookbooks.

luckygirl said...

I love these books, and DVD's. The magazine is my treat to take a long while traveling. The most useful things I find besides the recipes, is the understanding of why something works, or not. So glad you have them too!

Watson Family said...

Here in AZ the show is on PBS and I love it. I haven't read Cook's Illustrated but after reading your post I know I must give it a look! :)

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