yes, it really is Wednesday already

:: Saturday I spent the day on pain meds. Josh drove me to Joann's (since the pain meds prohibited driving) so I could use my coupon. I bought supplies for four Christmas gifts for only $35--score. I was beat afterwards, though, and lazed on the couch all afternoon waiting for the meds to clear my system. Plus side, though? My tooth was feeling better--so much better--and the meds were totally worth it.

:: Sunday we stayed home from church. I was still feeling lightheaded, and Josh was still recovering from a nasty cold. I pretty much stayed in one spot all day and read my book, knitted, and napped.

:: Monday I resolved to rid our home of any and all sickliness. I cleaned the bathroom, changed the sheets, folded laundry, and made cinnamon rolls. This was also the day when Josh started a new project for his job--in Hillsboro. Translation: He went from a 90-second bike ride commute to a 60- to 80- minute car ride commute. Gross.

:: Tuesday I meant to blog and didn't. I celebrated my friend Shari's birthday with her while her husband was working on some school assignments. We went to the Olive Garden, and it was delicious. Josh hung out at home and was more or less still a commute zombie when I returned from the birthday celebrations.

:: As I've been falling asleep the past few nights, I've been brainstorming ideas for a Christmas newsletter that may or may not see fulfillment. Consequently, it's been harder to fall asleep.

:: With Josh's new commute I think I can have some serious empathy. We all know that I hated commuting.

:: I have some Goodreads updates to post. I'm really enjoying my current book, The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins. It's different from what I expected, but in a good way.

:: I have some good Christmas projects happening around here. My dream is to finish the serious Christmas gifting by December, or at least the gifts that I have to send.

:: I woke up earlier than I really needed to today, and I'm loving it. I have time to read my scriptures, eat breakfast, and blog. Awesome.

:: I'll post a real post soon. Promise.


Sandy Cove said...

Glad to hear your tooth is feeling better. That sounds miserable>

A Mitton said...

Growing up, my dad always had a commute of at least 30 minutes. All my jobs have been the same (until my new house, which is 20). It's so weird to me to hear people complain about long commutes because in my mind commutes are supposed to be long. I've never thought about living two minutes from work.

I do understand how it'd be a hard adjustment, though.

Jill said...

Your Sunday on the couch sounds glorious!

Commuting sucks! The key to making it doable is having good stuff to listen to (i.e., books, podcasts, music) then at least it's somewhat on your own terms.

michelle said...

Commuting is the worst. But like Jill said, I think the key is to make the time somewhat productive and/or enjoyable. Still.

I loved The Woman in White!

I wish I had plans for Christmas projects! But alas, I am still in the throes of painting. Still.

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