the thing about root canals

:: The worst part of a root canal is getting to the point where you need one.
:: I'd rather have a migraine than root canal pain.
:: Root canal pain registers as a 7 on a scale of 9, 9 being the most pain I've ever experienced on a scale of 10. (Follow that?)
:: The Novocain shots put my body into brief shock.
:: I start to feel claustrophobic with more than two implements in my mouth.
:: You can fight a gag reflex by keeping your eyes open, focusing on a specific spot on the ceiling, and breathing through your nose.
:: I'm willing to undergo whatever it takes to avoid another emergency root canal.
:: Even braces.
:: And yeah, braces might just happen.
:: I don't want to talk about it.


michelle said...

I've had 2 root canals, and each time I swore I'd do anything not to ever need another. (Evidently I have a short memory.)

Braces, really? Oh dee.

Serin said...

Color me clueless, but how would braces help with root canal avoiding?

Jill said...

Oh dear, this sounds like the worst thing ever! I have gag issues with dental work as well and really have to work not to freak out.

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