a new year's cake

I have a hard time with the new year. Remember that feeling we had as kids the day after Christmas? The feeling that said that all the fun is over? That's how I feel about January. January is the month where the miles separating my family and me are more acute and palpable, the month that lends itself most to loneliness.

Wednesday I took down my Christmas decorations with some Gilmore Girls on in the background. The day was gray, and I was fighting against the this-time-last-week game (you know, the masochistic game that tells you that last week at this time you were having a ball and now you're not). Then I had an idea: bake a cake. Bake a cake for the new year.

So after I packed away the tree, ornaments, and wreath, I pulled out the eggs, milk, flour, and cake pans. With another episode of Gilmore Girls on the TV, I baked a cake that turned out wonderfully. I tried a new chocolate frosting recipe and displayed the cake in a pretty cake dome.

I loved offsetting something that makes me blue with something delicious, sweet, and mildly decadent. I call it a new year's cake, and even though it's something small, it made me feel a less little sad about this oh-so-hard month.


A Mitton said...

Love the idea of a New Year cake.

Also, February is my blue month. Last February was the first one in six years that didn't suck. I'm hoping that continues this year.

Jessica said...

I agree, sometimes Jan seems to last FOREVER! At least the rain has stayed away!

Denise said...

I was just thinking about the "month of Mondays" metaphor and how apt it is. *sigh*

Your cake looks delicious! Wish I could come over and enjoy a piece with you.

Shilah said...

But January is my birthday month! I don't love it though, I've always thought it was a terrible birthday month, but it does help ease the Christmas hang over slightly.

That cake looks delicious and I always wish I was as fabulous of a homemaker as you are. I love you, I love your blog, I love your face, etc. Thinking about you lots lately and I can't wait to see you again. I hope you're the very, very happiest.

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