12 on 12: february 2012--an overdue grid

01. Necessary hair products
02. Survived
03. Talking to Mom on my Bluetooth after church
04. Baking Joy found at Fred Meyer--celebrate!
05. Season two of The Office--I call it Office classic
06. Out of corn syrup
07. Pink fluffy frosting
08. Cake leftovers a.k.a. breakfast
09. Editing John's English paper
10. Knitting
11. Cook's Illustrated
12. Getting ready for bed

I'm glad to be back in the 12-on-12 game! In January, I was sick, tired, and not in the mood, so I'm pleased to say that I'm back in the saddle. How was your 12th?


A Mitton said...

Two things: Love the banner.

Also, I'm not at all familiar with Cooks Illustrated. How do you like it? And I mean that question in all its forms—how do you like it as a cooking magazine, but also how does it do in functionality and design and style?

michelle said...

I just got called to be a joint teacher for the 5 year olds. Yesterday felt like a long round of babysitting. I can't even imagine them grasping something like being able to pray anywhere, anytime, because we seemed to spend the whole time getting them to leave each other alone and sit on their chairs properly and going on bathroom trips. sigh.

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