a golden birthday

Yesterday, Mr. Wilson turned 27 on the 27th--big birthday, no? I wasn't scheduled to work and he took the day off, so we went to breakfast, lounged around, watched movies on our new embarrassingly large TV, took naps, and topped off the day with a trip to the Melting Pot with Jeff and Karen. {PS I think chocolate fondue may be my--and the baby's--new favorite.}

To officially finish off the birthday, I thought I'd list 27 things about Mr. Joshua Wilson that you may or may not know.

01. He studied electrical engineering at BYU.
02. He takes long showers.

03. He doesn't do well with blood (let's imagine him in the delivery room for a moment?)
04. Emotion makes him uncomfortable.
05. But when it comes to expressing how he feels about me and Babe Wilson, he holds nothing back.

06. He's so excited for Babe Wilson.
07. He has a list of top-5 favorite TV characters: Michael Scott (The Office), Andy Dwyer (Parks and Rec), Tracy Jordan (30 Rock), Phil Dunphy (Modern Family), and one character from Arrested Development (it's hard to pick a clear favorite).
08. His last college apartment was akin to living homeless indoors.
09. Chicken and dumplings is one of his favorite meals (in the following picture, he's making Japanese food, not chicken and dumplings).

10. He likes falling asleep on the couch.
11. He hates buying clothes.
12. He has one brother and one sister.
13. Papa Murphy's Take 'n' Bake is his favorite pizza.

14. He's a great gift-giver.
15. But he's really hard to buy for.
16. He's a great people-person.
17. And he also has hermit tendencies (we're a great match that way)

18. Pig meat is his favorite--bacon, sausage, pork, you name it.
19. He used to snowboard.
20. He has a great smile, but doesn't like posed smiling.

21. When we took our engagement photos he practiced his smile in a mirror on the way to the site.
22. He has a great circle of childhood friends, many of whom live close.
23. He's really good at cuddling.
24. He discusses books with me.
25. He's great at doing the dishes and vacuuming.

26. His favorite band is The Shins.
27. He's my favorite.

Happy birthday, Mr. Wilson!


A Mitton said...

3. My dad is like this. Apparently he nearly passed out when I was born. Good luck with that.

6. Cute. (Also, I love that you say "Babe Wilson.")

7. Agree.

13. That's what we always got in Oregon! I miss Papa Murphy's.

17 & 19. Me too!

23 & 24. A huge plus.

26. I LOVE The Shins. I always listen to them as I fly in to Portland.

Okay, seriously. Can we be friends??

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Josh!

michelle said...

#3. My dad is like that, too! He should be fine in the delivery room as long as he is up by your face, holding your hand, etc.

I love #5. And 24 and 25. And that is a pretty sweet sweater he's wearing while washing dishes.

I love Phil Dunphy, too!

Golden birthdays are pretty special (or should be).

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