gearing up for Valentine's Day

In the midst of winter gloom and post-January rebound, who can't love a day of hearts, pink, and love?

Yesterday I made a heart cake for dessert, and I must say that I'm quite pleased with the product. The layers rose high and evenly, and the crumb was moist yet delicate. Perfect. (I think my cake-baking may have taken a positive turn?)

I've been enjoying Valentine's Day TV episodes and browsing the card aisle at Target. I've made a Valentine wreath and garland for the apartment. I wore pink to church yesterday and pulled out my Silhouette to create some Valentine vinyl magic.

I've especially enjoyed reading all about C. Jane's Five Loves; she's posting the fourth one today and I'm thinking the fifth one tomorrow.

And today I'll leave you with perhaps my favorite Valentine find:

{all images found here and here}

What are you doing to get ready for Valentine's Day? And also, I'm hoping that the Harry Potter Valentines made your day--they certainly did mine.

PS I actually did do 12on12 this month and will be posting my grid this week!


A Mitton said...

Oh my gosh, those Valentines are (pardon my British) bloody brilliant.

Also, that cake is rockin.

patsy said...

I LOVE these valentines!!!!
My daughters will go nuts-
so cool.

GREAT LOOking cake- I wish I could taste it- mmmm

michelle said...

Your cake looks so tall! I love it when that happens (rarely for me).

Those valentines cracked me up, especially the horcrush one.

I loved reading about the 5 loves! Sad, romantic, and beautiful.

Claire said...

The Voldermort card was my favorite!

Denise said...

Love the HP valentines! Love you, too.

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