want some details?

I thought you might. At least I know that whenever I hear baby news from a friend, I immediately have a million questions.

:: The offical due date is August 20.
:: We told our families at Christmas, and it made for probably the best Christmas ever. And when you combine that news with Emily's Christmas Day engagement, you're looking at a seriously big Christmas!
:: On Saturday, I'll be 13 weeks along, so almost through the first trimester! That means that on Saturday, Baby will be the size a peach. A peach!
:: Alas, those booties in the last post are not mine. I pinned them a while ago, and now the pin leads no where.
:: Up until the past few days I've been feeling continually nauseous. While uncomfortable, it's certainly been manageable all things considered.
:: Sometimes I feel so tired that I feel drugged.
:: I've had no food cravings yet, but the nausea has certainly made for many food aversions. I do well with bland food. Think five boxes of Kix in two weeks kind of bland.

:: I've also been downing the milk like it's going out of style.
:: I have this little paunch that could be either baby or bloat--the jury's still out.
:: No one tells prospective mothers that pregnancy includes more than its fair share of bloating and gas. TMI?
:: Mood swings. Hormonal crying. Inexplicable irritability.
:: Elation. Complete and all-encompassing elation.


aubrey said...

Comgrats Charotte! That's exciting news! And no fun on feeling blah....I know that feeling all too well. I was sick about 8 months of my pregnancy! Hope you feel better soon and get your energy back! :)

aubrey said...

And I forgot the L in your name... sorry, typing one-handed with my kiddo :)

Robin said...

I'm so excited for you!! It's the year of BABY, haha :)

And seriously...if your pregnancy is like mine, you will be blown away by how fast it goes (though a chunk of mine was through the holiday season, which always goes fast :)) I'm 37 weeks today! How did this happen??

Pregnancy is full of great and not so great surprises emotionally/physically, but I cannot WAIT until you can start feeling your little friend move :) Coolest, weirdest feeling ever for reals.

Then they get bigger, and when they move, your entire abdomen shifts, haha! And park their cute butts up in your ribcage ;)

Again, just...so excited. I took a digital test like yours, and when I saw that word, I just burst into tears haha :)

Breanna said...

Love the details! I know that tired feeling. I didn't get sick but I was constantly exhausted ... one day in my first trimester I came home from work at 4, took a three hour nap from 5-8, went to bed at 10 and slept another full 8 hours. That was possibly the most amazing, deep sleep of my life.

This is all such happy, happy news. Babies are the best.

Jill said...

That's so exciting! My due date with Landon was August 20-21st but I ended up having to be induced early because my blood pressure went way up so he was born on the 10th.

Ice cream is a good dairy filler/craving too and it helps with heartburn.

The exhaustion is debilitating...pregnant women should never have to do anything.

Marianne said...

Congratulations! I'm excited we're preggers at the same time (it's going to be an extra-hot summer though). Honestly I can't picture Denise or Mark as grandparents, but I know they'll be the best at it! Wahoo!

Lizzie said...

Hey Charlotte! I'm a long time reader that found you from Marla's blog....I've enjoyed reading all of your adventures and congrats on this new adventure! Just wanted to say, I've had four pregnancies and my favorite foods, hands down, for all of them were cereal (especially Kix & Cheerios) and sandwiches!

A Mitton said...

K, the more I blog stalk the more I see the phrase, "No one tells prospective mothers . . ." about pregnancy and/or child birth. So I want you to promise me something: when I am pregnant in fifteen years, you have to tell me EVERYTHING, regardless of how gross/horrifying it might be. I don't want to not know. I need to know what is going to happen to my body.

Plus, hello, never too much information. I love knowing everything.

Hannah said...

That's too bad about the booties! But I'm sure more than enough cuteness will follow. My fatigue and nausea always got better in the second trimester. Hope yours does the same! :)

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