32 weeks--on food and pregnancy

I've never had to think so much about food as I have since becoming pregnant. I don't like having to think much about food--it's frustrating. I used to think about food when I had to, when I was hungry. With this babe, however, food and eating has taken a more prominent role in my life and mind.

First trimester
:: I felt continually nauseous.
:: Only bland foods settled well.
:: If I felt even a little hungry I started to feel sick, so I had to make sure I had snacks at the ready to keep the nausea at bay.

Second trimester
:: My appetite returned--in earnest.
:: I'd wake up in the morning completely ravenous.
:: I should have planned better meals.
:: But I'd get so hungry so fast that I cared more about eating something than eating something "good for me."
:: Think Donut Gems for breakfast. A lot.

Third trimester
:: Babe isn't very accommodating to my organs.
:: So I get really full. Really fast.
:: Then I feel sick for a while.
:: Because my stomach fills so easily, I feel like I really need to make my meals count now.
:: But I'd usually rather have cookies over carrots.
:: Don't worry--I still eat my vegetables.
:: And I also eat my cookies.
:: Babe really likes chocolate chips. You understand.


Breanna said...

Your baby loves chocolate chips? Weird! My baby LOVED macaroni and cheese! Not exactly the best baby-growing food, but it helped me grow one seriously cute baby. I bet those chocolate chips are doing your baby's body good. :)

Denise said...


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