an upgrade

Yesterday we brought this home.

And I'm kind of feeling like this.

So, kind of silly but kind of cool. Really I'm thinking that it's about time we became a two-car family with Mr. Babe on the way.

If you've been at all privy to any of the discussions this Wilson family has had about getting a second car, you'll know that it's taken quite a while for us to finally get on the same page. But on the same page we are now, and we're liking it. Especially the four doors, power windows, and power locks.


Jessica said...

Hooray for 4 doors! You guys will love it even more when the baby comes!

jeremy said...

YESYESYES. i totally approve of the kia soul in black. i love it. i KNOW you look adorable driving that thing. perfect mom car.

love you

Jill said...

Congratulations! It took us 13 years to become a 2 car family.

Shilah said...

Oh my goooodnessss! You're a real family now with your real family car and everything! Congrats on your ride, and your tiny family =]

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