shopping for my man

Josh hates shopping--especially for clothes. He usually errs on the side that says, "The clothes I've had since my sophomore year in college are fine, so don't spend money on clothes for me." Whenever I have the choice to buy clothes for me or clothes for him, I almost always buy clothes for me. It's way more fun that way. Obviously.

So when Josh accepted this new job and he asked me if we could update and improve his wardrobe, I didn't know what to say. After I recovered from shock, I made sure he understood a couple things about what he was asking of me.

1. Shopping means that I will be buying him clothes.
2. We'll have to spend money on those clothes.
3. I insist on buying him new shoes.

{If your man needs a wardrobe overhaul, go to JCPenney's and Kohl's--seriously. Great deals.}
He understood these ground rules (though stated that his homeless-looking shoes were fine) and accepted them in full. I didn't even make him come with me (though I could have avoided some exchanges if I'd had him around to check sizes).

I derived serious satisfaction in updating his clothes situation, and the shoes I found are awesome. He's not hard to shop for when it comes to style. I know not to buy v-neck t-shirts or any kind of cardigan, and only complaint I got was that I bought too many plaid/checkered shirts. ("Charlotte, I don't want to be the checkered-shirt guy at work.")

Now that he has a more thorough and updated wardrobe, it will probably be a while before we have to do this again. And if you see him in a checkered shirt, make sure to tell him how awesome he looks. And maybe throw in something about how great his shoes are too.


m.estelle said...

charlotte. you are seriously the best. see you in 2 months!

A Mitton said...

Nice job, haha.

I want to see the shoes.

Sophia Roberts said...

Ha ha, I love this!!!

Daniel said...

I own and periodically wear a shirt that my mom bought me during my freshman year of high school. And in case you were wondering, this is what is known as "awesome".

Shut up, Allison.

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