{all pictures circa 7 weeks}

We've come across several people who think we made up Asher's name. Lest you think I dally in the business of name engineering, Asher is far from a name manufactured to spark a dated trend.

Josh and I got the idea for Asher's name from one of our favorite books, My Name Is Asher Lev, by Chaim Potok. (My father-in-law showed a little concern when he learned what the book was about--the coming-of-age of the tortured soul of a Jewish artist--so let the record show that we didn't name our Asher after the fictional one.) The name Asher is actually found in the Bible, Asher being one of the twelve sons of Israel (and given that the biblical Asher was a conspirator in selling Joseph into slavery, we didn't necessarily name our Asher after that one either).

Asher in Hebrew means happy. Throughout my pregnancy I thought about all that I wanted for this babe and his life. I found the meaning for his name appropriate because ultimately--and as with all parents--happiness is what I wanted for his life. Since his birth, however, I've realized that while he is certainly a happy and contented babe, he makes us happy--so happy. He brings a unique brand of happiness into our lives and lights our home with the brightest of spirits.

Now that I know him a little better, I'm positive that Asher is the only name that would ever fit him. He's redefined happiness for me, and it's glorious.


m.estelle said...

i love his so so so much.

A Mitton said...

Okay, I'm sorry, but what people thought you made up the name? Do they live under rocks? It's been a name since basically the beginning of time.

And anyway, you are so not the type of person to make up a name. Seriously.

Jessica said...

Look at that wispy hair! So cute!

Denise Wood said...

"Lest you think I dally in the business of name engineering. . . ." As if!

I can't imagine a happier name for such a sweet little boy. My favorite pic, btw, if the one of Karen holding him in his argyle vest. LOVE THAT BABE!

michelle said...

No one is happier than I about your abstaining from name engineering. And for the record, I adore his name.

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