:: Naps have been a little better this week, except for this afternoon when Asher chatted in his crib for an hour. It was adorable.
:: Now he's cranky. Super.

{circa 3 weeks}

:: We gave Asher his first bottle this week. While initially dubious, he drank almost three ounces. We tried another bottle last night and he would have none of it. He freaked out.

:: After Netflix finally added the newest season of 30 Rock, Josh and I blew through it in about two days.
:: I made another batch of chocolate chip cookies last night, but for dessert this time.
:: Last Friday night one of our neighbors mistook our apartment for hers and walked in. Yes, that really happened.

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Breanna said...

Ha! I literally LOLed when you said he freaked out. I love how babies have their own little personalities and are such good communicators. Also, I once walked into my neighbor's house thinking it was mine. With my mother-in-law even. True story.

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