month two

{Let me start off with the caveat that Asher's onesie design is not as clean as I would have liked. Not that he cares. We're blaming it on my Silhouette's current incapacitation. Also, it's really hard to take good natural-light photos when your apartment is a cave. Carry on.}

:: Asher smiles up a storm now, though when I pull out that big black camera, he turns shy on me.

:: His smiles are usually much bigger than this, but I'll take what I can get.
:: When he's in a good mood, he'll chat it up with coos, and it's pure delight.

:: We kicked off month two by moving Asher to the crib, and everyone here agrees that was a great idea.
:: He recognizes Josh and me and will smile as big as he can when he sees us.
:: At his two-month check, he weighed in at 13 lbs. 6 oz. and measured 24.5 inches long with a 16-inch head circumference.

:: He's most comfortable in six-month sleepers, but we've been stretching his three-month ones as long as we can.

:: At his doctor visit, the doctor asked, "Is he always this mellow?" The answer is yes, he really is that happy about 90 percent of the time.
:: Lucky mom and dad, right?

:: His neck rolls collect lint.
:: Asher's expressions often look confused or scared.
:: We bought him a play-gym, and he loves it.

:: Josh is adamant about Asher having his tummy time.

:: Asher has a strong neck but sometimes gets fed up this exercise.

:: Just the other night we realized that Asher won't unexpectedly flex his arms when he sleeps anymore, like he did as a newborn.
:: That's probably because he's not a newborn anymore.
:: I have mixed emotions about that.

:: Not all our days are wonderful, but even on hard days, I couldn't think of a job I'd rather be doing.


paws said...

What a cutie!

Miranda said...

Ahhh! Growing babies! So sad and yet so awesome. You mentioned your apartment was a cave and I was all, "I know right?" I have yet to take a decently lit picture of Cedar.

Ande said...

Oh he is just getting more and more adorable (onesie and lighting included, I personally thought the onesie was cute and photography great). I love hearing about his details, like neck lint.

michelle said...

He is just adorable!

The blanket he is lying on is the same one that became Eva's lovey, and which is now in tatters (lovingly referred to as nibbles).

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