lullaby prose, bedtime

Bedtime rolls around, and you splash in the tub.
Your splashes get bigger and bigger every time, I swear.
You love being naked.
We wrap you up in striped pajamas and dry that fuzzy head.
We give you raspberries on your tummy and on your ham hocks.
I nurse you and hold your tiny hand in mine.
You rub your eyes.
So sleepy. 
You snuggle into me.
We read some stories.
Goodnight to the old lady whispering "hush"
We pray. 
We pray for you and your body, for mommy and daddy.
We pray that you'll know how much you're loved.
Because you are loved. 
So, so much.
You start squirming, so into the crib you go.
You rub your face against your blanket.
Your eyes droop.
I kiss your head one more time.
I'll see you when you wake up.
Just one more kiss.


A Mitton said...

I know you say you don't know much about poetry, but you really ought to try it.

Leilani said...

LOVE this.

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