month six

:: No joke, we're at month six.
:: We took these pictures on doctor day, which means he got his shots.
:: You can imagine my surprise at his generally happy demeanor.
:: I think he likes the camera.
:: What a ham.

:: He laughs.
:: Lots.
:: Sometimes Josh and I will bend over backwards to elicit giggles.
:: And other times he'll break out laughing when I'm doing nothing more than pulling out ingredients for dinner.

:: Asher is getting more and more curious.
:: He reaches for things and grabs onto things and puts those things in his mouth.
:: He likes to face outward and look around.
:: His back arching is solidly established, and he uses it to look around and to communicate, "Hey, pick me up!"

:: He can roll over both ways now.
:: But he doesn't really like to do it.
:: This basically means that I can put off doing a baby-proofing overhaul for a little while yet.

:: As you can see, he's a mostly balanced sitter now.
:: You have to put some cushions around him just in case he topples.
:: For the most part, though, his sitting is awesome.

:: Those neck rolls still collect lint and are easily chapped.
:: I regularly slip some lotion in them, and then he smells even more divine.
:: Sometimes when we change his diaper, he'll lift up his bum to get ready for the new one.
:: He's a smart one.

:: At six months, Asher weighed in at 17 lbs. 10 oz. and measured at 28 inches long.
:: He's a ridiculously light sleeper.
:: Like, crazy light.
:: He talks to us all the time and recently learned to spit.
:: It's a cute, albeit messy, skill.

:: His grandma gave him his first haircut.
:: Those three-inch whispies had to go.
:: As did the rat-tail/mullet.
:: His fuzz gets cuter every day.

:: Asher did the mommy dive for the first time.
:: You know, someone else is holding him and he sees me and dives for it.
:: The mommy dive.
:: When it's just the two of us at home, he'll sometimes start to cry when he can't see me.

:: He's taken to solid food splendidly.
:: His digestive system, however, has had a harder time.
:: We're eating lots of prunes, pears, and peas over here.
:: And we're holding off on more rice cereal.

:: He loves to read books.
:: His favorites are Goodnight Moon, the PANTONE Color Book, and his family photo book.
:: Josh asked me how I know which ones are his favorites.
:: I know because when we read books he doesn't like he squirms and fusses and hits them.
:: When we read ones he likes, he sits peacefully and looks at the pages.

:: I can hardly believe it's already been six months.
:: This babe is full of light and love and joy.
:: We just love having him around.

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Camille said...

I can't handle how cute he is!!

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