:: The babe and I spent the last half of last week in Utah for my sister's graduation. She is now a master of accounting and got to wear dementor robes.

:: We did some more home searching this week and made an offer on a little condo just south of where currently live. Our offer was accepted, and now I'm dreaming of paint colors and window treatments.

:: Netflix produced a fourth Arrested Development season, set to premier in a few weeks. Josh and I have been working our way through the series in preparation.

:: I got a super part-time contract writing job. It's been good for my soul.

:: In response to Google Reader biting the dust, I took up with Bloglovin'. And (bad pun alert) I'm lovin' it.

:: The weather around here has been beautiful. You'd think it was July or something. Spring doesn't usually hit Oregon until after Independence Day, with summer scraping in around August.

:: We managed to finally make it to the tulip festival today, but found mostly dead tulips. We should have been tipped off when the entrance fee was cut in half.

:: What are your leftovers?

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Jessica said...

Congrats in the house! Will you still be in the ward?

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