month 9

:: Oh my goodness. Look at that face.
:: Month 9 has been good for you, baby boy.

:: Asher loves the sun.
:: Every time he wakes up, we throw open the curtains and blinds, and he gasps in delight.
:: And whenever we leave the house, he is just thrilled to be outside.

:: Crawling may just happen, folks.
:: It hasn't happened yet.
:: But I mean, look at that stance.
:: It's inevitable, right?

:: Asher's started experimenting with new sounds.
:: He'll frequently burst out into an enthusiastic ba-ba-ba, and we clap and cheer.

:: He has some separation anxiety.
:: The mommy dive happens frequently now.
:: Once he dives from another's arms into mine, he turns around and flashes this smug smile that says, "Ha. I win."

:: He had his nine-month doctor's appointment.
:: He's 20 lbs. 10 oz. (68th-percentile) and 29 inches long (77nd-percentile), with his head 19 inches around (99th-percentile).
:: Asher is a ravenous eater. We've cut back slightly on nursing and have pushed more solids.
:: Yogurt is probably his favorite food.
:: And green beans claim the least favorite spot.

:: We're trying to encourage finger food around here.
:: But Asher just collects the Gerber Puffs and Cheerios in his chubby fists.
:: They rarely make it to his mouth.

:: I wish I could have captured a picture of his fake smile.
:: He pulls it out around strangers sometimes.
:: He's all, I can tell you want me to smile, so maybe you'll buy this one even though I don't mean it. 

:: Asher had his first fever during month 9.
:: It was a teething fever.
:: He teethed for almost two weeks before those little fangs finally broke through.
:: We ran out of Tylenol.

:: Recently I've had several people ask me when we plan on having another babe.
:: It won't be soon.
:: I need this sweet boy to be my baby for a while longer.
:: He fills my heart to bursting.


Ron Wiod said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ron Wiod said...

The stance Asher is displaying is classic linebacker 101. He is practising for football camp for one year olds. He looks like a natural to me!

Marianne said...

He is just so cute! I love watching him grow and seeing how parallel he and Lucas are. Our little guy got the same two teeth but thankfully it only lasted a few days for each. He had a little fever and some tummy troubles. They say that's an old wives tale but I disagree!

You are such a darling mommy, by the way!

Denise Wood said...

I lve for these monthly update posts.

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