month 8

:: Oh my heart, where do I even begin? Month 8, Baby Boy. You're so grown up already.
:: This babe has such personality.

:: His expressions break my heart with cuteness.
:: He looks more and more like Josh every day.
:: I love it.

:: Month 8 ushered in Asher's second tooth.
:: His drooling continues with no other signs of more teeth.

:: So he just drools and drools and drools.
:: Spitting raspberries is his newest form of entertainment.
:: He thinks he's pretty smart for it.

:: He's a big chatter, especially in church.
:: He makes all kinds of noises.
:: But he often clams up when we're around people other than family.
:: Unless we're in church.

:: He gives intentional kisses, and while they're so, so slobbery, they're the best.
:: He's also entertained with peek-a-boo.
:: He'll crane his neck around looking for you and break out in giggles when you pop out.

:: He's so intentional with his play.
:: It's fascinating.

:: Sometimes I laugh at how surprised I am when he does "real person" things, because, you know, he is a real person.
:: But it's just so incredible to see him figure things out and act with such purpose.

:: That pointer finger is too wonderful.
:: He points at everything.

:: And sometimes he uses both hands to double point.
:: It's probably my favorite new thing from month 8.
:: Except for the kisses.
:: Obviously.

:: Tummy time still looks something like that.
:: So no crawling.
:: But everyone tells me to enjoy his sedentary play while I still can.
:: So I do.
:: Good thing he's a pro at reaching.

:: Naps went from shorter to longer then back to shorter.
:: I think he may be phasing out his third nap, but he can't decide.
:: Overall, though, sleep is so much better than it was at month 4.

:: I don't even think I can express how wonderful this boy is.
:: Our lives are all the better for him every single day.


Denise Wood said...

I live for these posts. Like, really.

Camille said...

He is sooooooo cute!!!!

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