nothing a little Motrin can't cure

Asher had an off week. Guys, he's usually the happiest baby you'll ever meet, but this week, he was hot and cold, on and of all. week. long. After a couple days of this and no real signs of illness (no runny nose, no puking, no fever, no rashes, no appetite loss, no teething, no nothing), I started to worry just a little bit because my boy is never this grumpy for this long.

I mean, I've seen Grey's Anatomy. I know that what seems like the hiccups is actually a killer. I know this, people. Like I said, I've seen Grey's Anatomy. I know how this works. (Except that I don't.)

So I polled Facebook. Obviously. And like a total freak show of a mom, I had mothers from all over cyberspace confirming what I'd suspected, which was that he was fine. I diagnosed my babe with growing pains and promptly went to Target to buy my babe some Motrin.

Last night he slept like a champ and today he was all smiles. Phew. Crisis averted, folks. Crisis averted. Turns out all he had was nothing that a little love and Motrin couldn't cure.


Jill said...

With babies it's so hard to know! Hooray for Motrin!

Laura said...

I now consider myself a medical professional from watching Grey's. I know things. Obviously.

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