a golden birthday

Yesterday I turned 26 on the 26th. So obviously it was my golden birthday. I've had plenty of birthday parties and celebrations in these 26 years, and I think that this birthday is in the running for the best one yet.

:: I spent the whole day in stretchy pants and didn't pay much mind to what I ate.

:: Josh surprised me with this Kate Spade bag emblazoned with my personal life mantra. Like, it's a real Kate Spade bag. A real one. And I have it.

:: My parents gave me this dress form, so now I feel like a legit seamstress.

:: I had many shout-outs, texts, and calls from friends wishing me a happy birthday. I even had an offer to babysit while I did something fun! I decided to continue chilling in my stretchy pants, but the gesture was oh so kind. And another friend dropped by with some of my favorite treats.

:: Josh's parents babysat while Josh and I went out to dinner. We decided on the Melting Pot because it's so expensive that we never go there just because. It turned out to be the perfect birthday celebration.

:: My favorite of the entrees was the shrimp. So amazing. (For entrees you skewer your bites and let them cook in seasoned broth. It's delicious.)

:: For dessert I picked the dark chocolate with peanut butter fondue, and I about died. I kept telling myself "only one more bite," and then at least five more would follow. Worth it.

:: We were seated in a more private booth, and it was nice to cozy up in between courses. It was romantic, delicious, and oh so celebratory.

:: I wanted to make one last stop at Powell's before heading home, and that place never disappoints.

:: At the checkout counter, they had a date marker, and so I had to take a picture. Obviously.

:: To top off the evening, it was raining just a bit, and I loved it. And then to top that off, my mother-in-law cleaned our whole downstairs while we were gone. Like, vacuuming and everything. And to top that off, Josh watched The Help with me, and if you know his usual movie tastes, you'll know that this would never make the cut except on a birthday.

I think the best part of this perfect day was the overwhelming contentment and gratitude I felt when Josh and I were out. You know those moments when everything clicks and you couldn't picture your life going any other way? Those moments flooded my day and especially my evening. My grandma always said that being in love in the best state of being, and she's right. These past 26 years, while certainly wonderful in their own right, have led me right here with my small, perfect family, and I couldn't be happier about it. Year 26 gave me contentment, and I'm embracing it.


Jill said...

I'm so glad you had a glorious golden birthday!! Everything sounds dreamy.

Jessica said...

Awesome! Birthdays are the best!

m.estelle said...

You both look SO AMAZING! Happiest birthday to you, Charlotte. You deserved to be showered will all of that love!

love you so much

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