midweek listing

:: Last week I went to all the TV network sites and added the premier dates of my favorite shows into my calendar. Obviously. September is wonderful for many reasons, new TV episodes being one of them.

:: Asher received at least five or six different Melissa & Doug toys for his birthday. They're our favorite kind around here. They're wooden and simple and don't take themselves too seriously.

:: I have a school supply donation drive for church to wrap up this week, and I just want it to be over already. Is it bad that I'm ready to be finished with a service project?

:: Project Runway is my new favorite reality show now that Desiree found her love on The Bachelorette. I love spending Friday afternoons holed up in my sewing room watching the newest episode while Asher naps.

:: My least favorite times of the day are when Asher eats and when I change his diaper. He goes ballistic on me like I'm trying to torture him with thumbscrews instead of wiping his bum. Good hell.

:: Did I tell you that my mom and sister are flying in on Friday for a visit? Because they are. It's what Sarah wanted for her birthday (which is next week), and I'm kind of taking it as a present for me too.

:: I'm trying to settle on a spooky book to read this year during October. Any ideas? And if you're so inclined to join me, please do. Honestly, it's one of my favorite fall traditions.

:: I'm experiencing some birthday hangover this week. You know, when you just want to keep indulging in chocolate and reruns of New Girl? Of course you know.


Sara said...

I need a book suggestion for October, too! Let me know what you decide on. I'd love to join you!

Diana said...

I'd love to join you too Charlotte!

I know all about birthday hangovers :)

Shilah said...

Melissa and Doug toys are the BEST. EVER.

Read something spooky by Neil Gaimen. That's what I'm going to do. I just have to pick the perfect one.

Ande said...

I read "No Country for Old Men" two years ago. Totally creepy. Not in a Halloween way, but in a this guy is scary way.

Ande said...

Also, September is one of my favorite months because of season premieres. It's just so fun to have new shows on!

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