input and output

I've been kind of anti-blogging lately, and I think it's just because I've been outputting so much that I just need some time for inputting. (One of my college roommates will know exactly what I mean.) Sometimes you just produce so much and really just need to consume.

So lately I've been traveling and expressing lots of emotion and making dinner and writing articles and folding laundry and figuring out a new/old church responsibility that when I have a moment to sit down all I want to do is read a book or watch The Mindy Project. For the past week, the prospect of producing something worthwhile to post on this blog is overwhelming. My input/output problem is probably why I still haven't taken Asher's 11-month photos yet, and I might just let those slide completely. I mean, he's already halfway to 12 months. Goodness.

So there we are. My input-output ratios are a little unbalanced, and I'd like to get them back to a healthy medium. Because it's not like I don't enjoy writing for this little blog, because I love it when I do it. I just don't always feel like it, especially when I have another Stitch Fix box to sort through.

This may be one of the more disjointed posts I've written, but there you have it. My output is starting to wan, and I still have some pretzel rolls to mix up. So, I'm signing off.


Breanna said...

I love your input/output analogy! It probably explains why I read your blog instead of reading one more chapter of my book (which I'm re-submitting this week, yay!). Also, how did you get those cute icons under your "follow me" in the sidebar? I think I need some.

All Fun Family said...

Yes, I can totally relate to the need to balance your input/output levels. I had that issue just the other day. I just get so cranky and basically nonfunctional when I don't have enough input. Then I usually spend as much time as I can te next day inputting and then I feel rejuvenated.

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