hello, Monday

:: Hello, Monday.
:: Hello to an early morning and even some exercise.
:: Hello to oatmeal and Nutrigrain bars.

:: Hello to grocery shopping, and thankfully hello to one less agitating than last week's.
:: Hello to large Diet Dr. Peppers from McDonalds.
:: Hello to a little boy in striped pants and an Avs jacket who snacks on crackers in the shopping cart and keeps his toy car in his pocket because he just can't bear to leave it in the diaper bag.

:: Hello to blossoms and open windows.
:: Hello to library books and the Kindle app.
:: Hello to an orange bike that's eagerly waiting for full tires.

:: Hello to a fresh start this week.
:: Hello to priorities and knowing when to say no.
:: Hello to Easter baskets and eclairs.

1 comment:

Jill said...

I love the mental image of Asher putting his car in his pocket!

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