grocery shopping rants

I used to hate grocery shopping. Like, really hate it. Surprisingly, once I had a baby, grocery shopping became easier for me because I planned for it (it takes so much work to get out of the house with a newborn that I couldn't stand to be haphazard about it!). Every now and then, though, I run into situations that remind me of how awful grocery shopping can really be.

Like, today, when I spent 15 minutes searching Costco for the Nutrigrain bars. Every single time I need to stock up on those silly cereal bars, they're in a different place in that huge store. And it drives me crazy! One time when I asked an employee for help finding them, she spent several minutes telling me about how unhealthy they were and how I should buy this different brand for my child. (I compared nutritional info, and she was wrong. And she never told me where to find those damn fruit bars.) Sometimes finding stuff in Costco is a goose chase, a food-samples-everywhere, why-don't-you-buy-a-Vitamix goose chase.

And then there are those moments you forget something key on your grocery list. Like apple juice. That happened today. Or those times you forget your wallet at home and don't realize it until the cashier has already rung everything up. This has happened to me more than once. It would be funny if it weren't so frustrating.

I find my solace in the stickers the firefighters give my boy and in the Diet Pepsi I grab in the checkout line. How do you feel about grocery shopping? I could go on about other chores, but let's just leave the laundry for now. Some days I just can't bear to talk about laundry. You understand.


Holly said...

I feel similarly taxed and resentful toward The Man whenever I shop at big-box stores like Costco. Grocery shopping is not my favorite chore, but if I go to Trader Joe's I can handle it. Choosing from one or two types of black beans is so much more manageable than 20. :)

Kristen said...

Or like today when you buy everything for a mega cookout--except for the charcoal. Back to the store. Two stores in one day is not my fav.

Brady Quist said...

Grocery shopping will become so much better for you once Google finishes taking over the world. In the Bay Area they have Google Shopping Express, where you can get same day delivery of basically all non perishables (sold at and from Target, Costco, etc). You don't pay for delivery, there is no minimum, and they charge the exact same price as the local Costco, Target, or whomever they're picking it up from. It is AMAZING. If you want perishables Walmart Delivery delivers for $3 (with a minimum purchase), but charges the same prices. With these together it is amazing. We still go shopping to pick out our produce, but if we forget something it is almost always perishable and it arrives at our door later that day. It is truly a game changer. And, since a lot of people here use it, I imagine that both will eventually expand to other markets.
I honestly say this not to boast, but to give you hope for a future where you don't have to worry about forgetting groceries.

Camille said...

I don't mind grocery shopping, it's GETTING to the grocery store that I mind. When I'm at my house, I have to drive up Georgia, which is the worst road ever. So I actually end up going on my lunch break and I just walk a few blocks- which is lovely, until I have to transport all those groceries on the metro back home during rush hour.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Grocery shopping is one chore I do love. I like to go mega shopping once a month and I look so forward to it!

But let's not talk about dusting or cleaning the shower or washing the windows. I do not enjoy any of those (other than the fact that I have furniture to dust and live in the country where it is dusty, hot water and a shower, and light and beauty that streams in the windows).

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