Hey, readers! I meant to write this post on Monday about some funny things that happened over the weekend, but Monday escaped me. And really the best thing I was going to list was Netflix asking me if I was still watching 30 Rock. And I was all, "Yes, Netflix, I really am watching this much Liz Lemon. Really." So now that it's the middle of the week, I'm here to give you a different list.

Lately I've been reading this book. I know it came out years ago, and it's ridiculous that I haven't read it yet. When I saw on Goodreads that almost all of my friends who'd read it gave it five stars, I immediately requested it from the library. I'm captivated.

Lately I've been in the market for a Bernina. For real. (For those of you new to this space, read this post.) My little Costco Singer isn't able to keep up with my projects, and it's time for an upgrade. This is basically my gift from Josh for the whole year. If all goes well, I should be up and running with a Bernina sewing machine by the weekend!

Lately I've been planning to make a million and one of this dress. It's a dream to whip up and is basically the cutest, most feminine summer dress, and I plan to make so many (especially once I have that nice sewing machine!).

Lately the weather has fast-forwarded to summer. I'd be okay with a bit more spring. We're getting some weather in the high 80s this week, and I can't say that I'm excited about it. On the plus side, the heat is giving me even more incentive to whip up some summer dresses.

Lately my allergies have been giving me hell. I've sneezed literally dozens of times today. My nose and throat and eyes are itchy, and I'm already taking two allergy pills a day. The tissue box is my BFF right now.

Lately I've been feeling a bit more like myself. And that's so good.


Camille said...

Oooooh that dress is dreamy. I will seriously pay you to make one or two for me. Not even kidding. I'm looking for cute dresses for my summer adventures (how ever else will I secure a lover, after all ;) )

ashleynicole @ [real life, real love.] said...

Ah! How exciting that you're getting a Bernina! I'm definitely jealous :) I took a sewing class last semester, and now I'm taking two more, so I'm really liking sewing at the moment :) Enjoy your new toy! Haha :)


Cheri @ Overactive Blogger said...

My allergies have had me in misery. Since Friday, my head has been pounding and I have felt so sick. It was much better today since we had some rain, but I totally feel you :)

Jill said...

I haven't wanted to read Unbroken despite all the rave reviews, I even have a copy of it.

That dress is darling.

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