Fun Day

I can't believe it's already the middle of the week! How does time fly by so quickly?! Well, yesterday I had the day off which was fantastic! I had a productive morning with cleaning my part of the bathroom, vacuuming the basement, discovering a water bubble in Mom's bathroom ceiling which is traced to water leaking through the old grout in our bathroom, and eating a bowl of Kix. In the late morning Mark picked me up and we went all the way down to Flatirons Mall and did a little shopping (his idea by the way--total score!) I unfortunately didn't have much money, but it was fun to browse. I found a great pair of jeans though! We had lunch in the food court, which I think is a lot of fun. I don't know why I find eating in the food court such a pleasant experience, but I guess I can trace it back to when I was little. It was always a treat when we got to eat a hot dog in the food court because we didn't have "mall days" too often. The food court was for more special occasions when the mall trip became the central event in the day. Yesterday I enjoyed sweet and sour pork over mixed vegetables and steamed rice from the Panda Express.

My favorite part of the mall trip though was the rendezvous inside Borders. I love that store! Once again I had no money, but I always find it fun to browse. I found one of my family's favorite BBC shows, "Monarch of the Glen," on DVD which I haven't seen in any stores, so that was an exciting find!

After the mall we headed back to Mark's house where we watched an episode of Monk, played some Rummikub (spelling?), hung out for a bit. We had dinner at my house (mmm: pork tenderloin, green beans, red potatoes, and homemade wheat bread) and then watched a movie Mark brought over, "The End of the Spear." I'd never seen the movie before and I thought it was really good! So I'd say that yesterday was a successful fun day!

So now that I've had a good fun day, I'll devote some more time to getting things together for school and all the odds and ends associated with that!


dpw said...

You didn't tell me about the jeans! I love finding good jeans, did you buy them? Also, how much was the "Monarch" disk set? Major score, by the way, to have a mall visit be the man's idea!

michelle said...

That does sound like a good day. (Except for the bathroom grout fiasco.) I've never heard of Monarch of the Glen, I'll have to check into that.

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