The past couple of days contained nothing of too much import, just little bits of life, so here's a quick listing of semi-interesting happenings:

  • I had my phone interview with the Provo branch on Monday and they said they'd get back to me after they interviewed two more people. I felt good about the interview--I just hope everything comes through!
  • Over the weekend I found these really cool boxes made especially for holding CDs and DVDs. The colors match my colors for my dorm and were only $6 for three boxes at Hell-Mart (aka Wal-Mart, Purgatory in a building)
  • Yesterday I got my room placement and got the name of my new roommate. Her name is Brittany Watkins from California. I emailed her and have yet to hear back, but I'd sure like to get to know her a little before I move out there.
  • I cleaned our front door yesterday and so it looks absolutely fantastic! No more cobwebs!

Well I can't think of anything else worthy of reporting, so I'll check out and blog again when I have something more interesting to write.


dpw said...

What do you mean, "nothing interesting!" Cleaning that front door is pretty darn interesting to me!

michelle said...

Oh, I love it when the front door is cobweb-free! I need to do that...

I love any and all organizing supplies. How exciting to have a roommate!

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