mellow birthday

Well yesterday was my 19th birthday--weird! Last year I had more of a plan of what I wanted to do and so on and so forth, but this year it was just kind of nice to kick back and have more of a mellow day. I slept in, ate a bowl of Froot Loops, went to Borders, dozed during a movie, played some Sudoko, and just hung out. The weather was perfect! It was cloudy and rainy all day which was a fantastic birthday present from Mother Nature!

We were going to go up to the mountains and have a cookout for my birthday dinner, but we looked at the weather forecast on Friday and decided that maybe dinner in the rain might not be such a stellar idea! I decided to have the Wood/Petersen classic of roast, mashed potatoes, and gravy for my birthday dinner and my final dinner before I leave tomorrow! AH! In addition to my family (including Grandma and Grandpa), Melissa, Jacquelyn, Rachelle, and Mark all came, which resulted in a fun and pleasant evening. The cake was (as usual) amazing and I was very full come the end of the evening.

The presents received goes as follows:
  • a digital camera (my main present and one about which I'm very excited!)
  • cute nail polish colors in a cute bag
  • really good tweezers (I think only girls could understand the coolness of that gift)
  • super cute file folders
  • the game "Imaginiff"
  • a sparkly dry erase board
  • a sweet toy sports car
  • Bounce dryer sheets and a roll of quarters
  • a pink and black laptop case that looks like a super chic purse
  • a free haircut and color (total score, especially as I'm going to school!)

It was a very satisfying birthday overall and I think one of the reasons I kept it so low key was because I really just wanted a nice day at home before I go. This whole summer has been crazy and busy and helter-skelter, so it was the ultimate present to just be able to kick it at home.

Tonight we're having a donut night as a farewell bash and then I'm going to finish my packing and psyche myself up for tomorrow. I can't believe that 24 hours from now I'll be there; it's such a weird feeling. I helped Rachelle move into her dorm last week and it was just a weird feeling for me. The past few days my emotions have gone in waves of really excited and really nervous. I think the excitement and nervous levels are about equal. I'm not as teary-eyed about this whole experience as more just feeling sick to my stomach sometimes. I'm definitely not thinking "I don't want to go to school," but I am trying to juggle the anxiety, impending homesickness, and excitement, resulting in a really weird funk. I've been pretty mellow the past couple of days and I think it's just my way of dealing with the whole thing. Instead of getting all stressed out and upset, I take a step back and take a really deep breath.

Well, I'm off to donuts and the airport. I'll post an update of the goodbyes, the flight, and the whole moving process when I get a moment. Oh, and I'll be able to post pictures of everything with my super cool new camera!


claire said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
I think you will really enjoy BYU Provo. College life takes a little getting used to, but it really is quite an enjoyable experience. I hope you don't get too homesick. I never really did, but I would get lonely before any of my new roommates would show up.
have a safe trip!

roastbeefstew said...

hooray for birthdays! too bad we couldn't have been there. we could have given the rabbit another tuneup and stuff. hope you like it in provo. do you have a laptop to put in your cute case?

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte! How great that your birthday coincides with your departure to college, that's a whole lot of excitement and change for a person, but it's kind of cool because you're entering your 19th year of life at the same time that you're starting a whole new, major phase of life as well. Good luck with all of it and enjoy the ride!

dpw said...

Eyes swollen and tired. Haven't gone back into your room again. Going to Grandma's for dinner to avoid only having only four at the dinner table.

michelle said...

It sounds like a wonderful birthday -- way cool gifts! I'm glad your birthday fell before your departure, because that would have been a very sad and lonely day if you had to celebrate without your family. I feel badly for your mom -- you have the excitement of starting school and moving in to mitigate your homesickness -- she will just miss you soooo much!

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