my christmas wishes

So Mom had us all make Christmas Wishes lists and I just finished mine yesterday. They all had to comprise of Big Wishes, Medium Wishes, Small Wishes, and Christmas Goals. They didn't necessarily have to be realistic, but it was fun! I might try this every year!

Mine looked really cute with colors and little drawings, but as a PDF file it won't upload and I'm currently too lazy to take a picture, put it onto my computer, and upload it to blogger so here's just the lists and not any of the fun aesthetic-ness.

Big Wishes
  • a Mac computer **it can't be one that restarts itself and the "i" key has to work**
  • a car that can get to Provo and back -- reliably
  • no more hairglobs in my apartment
  • $360 for my violin lessons next semester
  • any kind of cooking stuff (e.g. pots/pans, meat fork, whatever!)
  • a DVR for my apartment
Medium Wishes
  • books, books, and more books!! (this is harking back to a Christmas list I made when I was 9 or 10--it makes us laugh :) )
  • rain boots (refer to previous post)
  • trendy clothes
  • "The Office" season 3
  • an apron
  • the end of the writers' strike :)
Small Wishes
  • big earrings
  • any scrapbooking supplies
  • headbands
  • iTunes money
  • cookbooks
  • some flats
  • cute skirts/tops
  • scrapbook magazines/book
  • movies (any I would like--"Nancy Drew" if it ever comes out--oo "Bride and Prejudice!)
  • apartment decor
  • slippers
  • long necklaces
Christmas Goals
  • stay motivated and finish out the semester strong
  • pray and read my scriptures diligently
  • find ways to quietly serve others
  • spend my money wisely and responsibly--even though there are many fun things to buy!
  • remember to count my blessings
  • better implement the Atonement in my life
Important Dates (this is one I added :) )
  • December 13: last day of class!
  • December 20: last final!
  • December 21: HOME!!!
So those are my Christmas wishes this year--some of them are realistic and some are not but that's why they're wishes I guess! Any Christmas wishes you have this year, realistic or otherwise??

oh ps--I just watched"Waitress" with my roommates and loved it! Just thought I'd throw that out there if you're looking for a movie to rent--it's funny, thought-provoking, and sweet :)


Melissa Marilyn said...

Ha, ha- Books, boOKS, and MORE BOOKS! Love it! Love you! December 21st can't come soon enough!

Jill said...

This is a great way to document and share your wish list. I've been making a mental list for myself and have been embarrassed by the number of big wishes on it, but now think if I break it down in sections like you did that it's not bad...it is a wish list after all.

Also, I just got Waitress from Netflix and am going to watch it today.

jt said...

umm... what.is.a.hairglob?
i don't want to know.

Diana said...

I love it. Many of the things you want I want also. I should refer Lou to your blog when he asks me what I want for christmas :)
Do you need a ride to the airport?

michelle said...

Great list! Sometimes it's fun to let yourself wish big, even if you know it's not all realistic.

p.s. Bride & Prejudice -- so fun! And I looooved Waitress. Marc taught Eva the "baby don't you cry, gonna make a pie" song without my knowledge and she blew me away one day by singing it...

dpw said...

I'm glad I got the pdf version with your very own handwriting. Jessie's comment is too funny!

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