Good morning, Charlotte--I'm your migraine

That's how I woke up this morning. Throbbing pain in the left side of my head, nausea, attempting to squash my pain by digging my head deeper into the pillow. Up and at 'em, right?

Semi-remedy: pop a couple of heavy painkillers, crawl back to bed and listen to Harry Potter for a hour, feel somewhat better, get up, get to class late.

Traces of the headache are still there, unfortunately. I've been flaky all day: I forgot the textbook I needed for my oral presentation today in editing, I forgot to print up my final draft for my editing news blurb, I didn't have time to finish my Jane Eyre reading.

I'd rather have the flu.


Diana said...

So sorry!
I have had one migraine in my life and I seriously wanted to shoot myself to relieve the pain.

Denise said...

Migraines are the WORST! So sorry to have passed that genetic gift your way. . . . Hope you sleep well tonight and don't have too bad of a headache/medicine hang-over.

rmt said...

Ug. I know all to well about migraines. Yesterday must have just been a migraine day because I got one, too! Somedays I think that I'd rather go through childbirth again than face another migraine!
I found a really good migraine website if you're interested.
I hope the "headache hangover" isn't too bad today. Good luck.

michelle said...

Migraines are so awful. But I would never say I'd opt for childbirth instead!

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