who knew?

Facebook saved my identity. Seriously.

Before you permanently quit reading my blog after such a ridiculous statement, hear me out:

On Friday when my car was on the way back from Heber, we stopped by the Sinclair gas station on 8th and 7th, because the Toyota was literally running on fumes. Unknowingly, I drove off with my wallet on the top of the car. In my wallet I have not only my license, but my debit card, my temple recommend, my student ID, my Blockbuster card, my ULTA card, my Denny's gift card, my library cards, my grocery store cards, and *gasp* my Borders Rewards card. (I have my priorities.) Yikes.

And I didn't even know I lost it until I get a phone call during the movie. It was a number I didn't recognize, but I answered anyway. It was this guy asking if I was Charlotte, and if I was, I lost my wallet. He and his friends were out and about and asked where I lived so they could come and drop off my wallet. Whoa. Talk about awesome. I was shocked that I lost my wallet and even more shocked that someone got back to me so quickly.

Then I got to thinking and wondered how in the world these boys got my number. I racked my brain and could think of nowhere in my wallet where I would keep my phone number. Here's the story:
1. They looked me up on BYU's online directory.
2. My number wasn't listed. (Maybe I'll fix that to be on the safe side.)
3. They looked me up on facebook (the ultimate place to find just about anyone).
4. They couldn't see my profile.
5. They saw that we had one friend in common: Jenna Mortensen.
6. They called her to get my number.
7. They called me to come and drop it off.
8. Amazing.

So, yes facebook did save my identity, my money, my Borders Rewards.

Who knew?


brooketolman said...

that's amazing...seriously!

Denise said...

Wow--Facebook saves the day!

I did the same thing with my wallet years ago--also in Provo--and, even without the assistance of Facebook, someone returned it to me. Awesome!

Yours is quite a good story, I must say.

Jill said...

I can't believe this story, how crazy. They sure went to a lot of trouble to get your wallet back to you, I'm impressed.

Diana said...

What an amazing story. It's a story you can tell when you're General Relief Society President and you give a talk about intergrety and honesty.
I just joined facebook last week, I'll have to look you up and add you as a friend :)

emily said...

That's amazing! Only at BYU would complete strangers go through so many hoops to return a lost wallet. ShamWow!

Quanta said...

Wow or shall I say Shamwow! Thats pretty amazing! What nice people.

michelle said...

No way! I lost my wallet in Orem not long after we moved here and it was returned to me as well. Gotta love Utah County. (Oh, and I lost my camera at a park and that was returned as well!)

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