I'm proud to bleed blue

Yesterday was the UCLA game, and we totally kicked trash. Emily said that she'd be able to get me a ticket for the game, but I declined, simply because football games really take up most of the day, and unless I plan on that, I have a hard time going on a whim. Nevertheless, I still watched the game. Katie and I went over to our friend Jon's apartment and watched the whole game there. (So really it did take up most of my day--my entire afternoon really--but at least I got to do some editing homework while I was cheering on my team.)

We were up by 21 or 28 points (I can't remember which) by halftime, and then in the second half, we continued our slaughter. After a few of the touchdowns (and trust me, there were several), Katie, Jon, and I all sang the Cougar fight song (rise and shout!!). It actually got kind of boring by the end, because it was like there was no competition; I mean seriously, we won 59-0. Max Hall was pretty much awesome because he scored seven of our eight touchdowns, and by the end of the game, we were playing all of our freshmen to get them experience--ha! We kicked total trash.

I do love going to games, but watching them is pretty awesome, too. Katie ran and grabbed us a pizza, we snacked on Chex Mix and rolled our eyes at the really stupid commercials that the network played. I dozed a bit toward the end, because our lead was just so ridiculous. It was just a fun afternoon, and then I had absolutely zero motivation to do anything productive in the evening. It was worth it though--beating UCLA was pretty much awesome. I'm even more proud to be a Cougar!

Maybe if I can get a ticket to the next game and plan more ahead, I'll go :)

PS Funny Story: When I was scrapbooking last summer, I was using rub-ons to write out "Go Cougars," but my brain malfunctioned, and I wrote "Go Cogars" instead. Yeah. I had to fix that. But now, my family (well, really my Mom) and I often refer to the "cogars." And I'm supposed to be an English major. . . . Go Cogars!!!


Anonymous said...

BYU sucks. I would be ashamed to go to school there. You need to get out of your bubble.

michelle said...

Whoa, is that your first anonymous commenter? Coward.

I think that doing homework while watching the game is just a good use of your time. 59-0? That is a slaughter for sure.

Diana said...

I love going to the games I'm glad I get paid to do so. This game was just awesome just so you know they were up 41-0 at the half :)

Denise said...


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